Using OAuth2 with SOAP

I started at Microsoft when SOAP was all the rage, before there was such a thing as WCF. So it is with some nostalgia that I tried to combine one of latest technologies: Universal App Platform (UAP) with SOAP using OAuth2 protocol for authentication. One possible application of this approach would be for folks who […]

WPF Data Binding error 2: Cannot find governing FrameworkElement…

I got this error when trying to bind to a collection element, which was not derived from the FrameworkElement (just DependencyObject) and was thus not inheriting it’s container’s DataContext, e.g. <Grid>   <Grid.DataContext>      <loc:MyViewModel />   </Grid.DataContext>   <igRibbon:XamRibbon Grid.Row=”0″ x:Name=”ribbon”>      <igRibbon:XamRibbon.ContextualTabGroups>         <igRibbon:ContextualTabGroup Key=”SelectionGroup” Caption=”Contextual Tabs” IsVisible=”{Binding IsContextualTabVisible}”>             <igRibbon:ContextualTabGroup.Tabs> I tried replaing the binding with ElementName=ribbon,Path=DataContext.IsContextualTabVisible but that […]